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I’ve seen it all came alive
from the very first break of light and words
Said this oak to his descendants borne from a single root

I’ve seen the purest of hearts and the best from the race of men
As his eyes grew dim and tired barks and withered leaves fall off

I’ve floated in more than a million smiles from the

Sun’s shining teeth
And enjoyed the softest of the clouds tears
I’ve basked in green and manufactured the best of juices
Soon, according to the books, as he struggled a heavy breath
Humans transformed fast knowing only few drops of truth
They fought war on themselves as they kept heart aside
And flushed their brain down their throats
They defiled all laws and anything constant
Lovers of their work, as they slowly walked backwards from sanity

I’ve lost my beauty and shade thrice as my cousins and friends lost all
When they set fire to this fortress fighting over a lost cause
Now the sun shines with regret as the moon grumbles
And the skies mourn while they dance haphazardly.

This is how it ends…
They’d shoot this sure home from universes’ face with their differences
Seeking a new abode of a golden street and diamond roof

I tell you little ones
Freedom and self ought not to be a part of the clay formula
Let’s hold our juices and by-products and see them ascend the ethers
As a new race forged from the stars not dust, free from freedom
Spring up and fill this home, making it the once perfect garden
Start of a new book whose end we can’t discern”

They waved heads in agreement and set off to purpose…

Written by: Arnold Agofure
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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