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WED AND LOCK by Goodness Ayoola

Read Time:1 Minute, 35 Second

Temper this speedy tread with ease…
Shall we pace piecemeal and peacefully?

It is but a wide wild world
Stitched to the hems of the gown
The tuxedo is a clothed responsibility.

I spit of ignorance this morning…
Shall we grow a little more with wisdom?

Tarry thus a little in this train
For our music must be music enough
Fit for happy feet in heavy nuptial moccasins.

Our bones are still strong to yoke…
Shall we wait and contract paralysis from love?

Suffer us to learn the skill of bravery
Our weakness strong to take the pains…
My love…to be sure I can die for you.

I see ahead meadows laden with survivals…
Shall we wait and wreak a whetted strength?

Let the rain drench us in time and space
If we could last the cold
And stand the scars of lightening cracks.

I am the weak of your weaker vessel
Shall we await the Raven’s bread of valor?

Let this sudden surging rave of passion and nakedness
Budding and burning in the ambience of our hearts
Flee at our pristine decency and pride.

Undefiled, sealed, new … not habits…
Shall we meet as strangers and fear?

Let me snail in the years of our wait
And perhaps a mature melody sprouts
Abroad the rooted childish residue resides…

The residue rust of grey days and stains
Shall we wait for spring to wash and dry?

Let the purse smile the jokes of buoyancy
And the trap cage the fiscal rodent
For fat love survives only on spiced pots.

That we etch a love pure…not poor
Shall we thrive to catch a life?

The prune is in our Pilot
In simplicity and silence surrender
Lie to mutilate our indifferences.

And when ripened we become then
Shall we wed and lock?

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