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Read Time:54 Second [We Must Pray]
I see the dark clouds overhead.
I hear the peals of thunder and they fill me with dread.
I am afraid… My bones quiver like an aspen leaf.
My strength escapes like a hardened thief.

For I fret not at the sound of coming rain.
Rather, I sense the coming pain.
When the clouds are made of smoke from the fires of man’s anger,
And the thunder
I hear is man pleading his case via the barrel of a sub-machine gun…
War, I fear is on the horizon!

I see bodies of warring men, finally united and peaceful in a heap of the dead.
Their ideals and reasons drowned in a sea of red.
The widows cries are mild,
But who will answer the repeated questions of the orphaned child?

Why? I see all this and I cry. No one listens to what I say
….and so i must pray
Against this inevitable day.
Won’t you?

Written by: Abolarin Ademola
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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