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I dreamt a dream, in it my soul trekked.
Wandering in the depths of wobbly skepticism
Of these walls of perdition in subversive mockery
As I peered, nothing seemed familiar
Perhaps impeded by dark fragments
Which tormented my soul.

Haggard and shattered, I followed
Through this metaphorical sanctum
My legs reluctant to walk, crumbling upon my salvation
Still, I’ll rise to rid off unwanted debris
Sparsely scattered in subtle scene.

Trapped in the walls of perdition
My sunken heart whimpers for freedom.

Oh listen walls of perdition!
With light at the tunnel end
Shall I be deterred in your confinement?

But when the rising sun has filled the timid sky
I shall wake into bliss.

Alas! I have dreamt a dream of scary walls of perdition
In the womb of obscure nothingness.

Written by: Showunmi Olawale Michael
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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