WAILING HEART by Saidu Mark Jatau

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I waited all through the dayday,
But saw the Moon fading past the night.
I waited still in the rain,
To see you come home to me with a smile.
I waited all through in vain
As my face took an unhealthy white hue:
The colour I hate!
I waited every moment in painpain,
Sitted on the corridor of my heart to pray.
I waited and wailed,
For my soul is eager to see you again.

I waited! Oh yes, I waited!
To watch those smiles again through your eyes, I waited.
Hundred years walked past my eyes,
still I waited.
Now you suffered same fate with me,
As we both watched the Moon faded nights in tears,
And swayed in each others world of fame,
But still I will wait again.

Now I lay on this dry ground,
Spaced between life and death,
And embracing your every soul
With the stars blinking every time you smile,
While I waited for your return home,
I shall surely wait.

Each night I see you in my dream
Even though my eyes refuse to sleep

WAILING HEART by Saidu Mark Jatau

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