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Where are those glorious days?
The beautiful angels, been called?
Where is that spotless and amorous face?
Nowhere to be seen.

It’s like a beautiful flower
That blossoms in the morning,
And withers away in the evening,
Trampled upon at night.
It is all useless!

The beautiful body, so enticing,
It’s now wilting
Losing its glory like a drying rose.

The rounded breasts
Now becomes sagging breasts.
The strength of walking in those glorious days,
Is now weak.
Cannot move without the third helper.
Your movement displays your beauty.
Two becomes three!
Which shows you are fading
Weaknesses now rules over you
Ugliness covers your beauty.
It is all useless!

The grave claims ownership of your body
The worms feed on it.
That glorious body!
It is time to descend
To where you were made from.
Sand return to sand.

The flesh is so deceiving
And under it remains the skeleton.
Do skeletons possess beauty?
Who will embrace it?
The place is too dark to see your beauty.
It has faded, the boastfulness gone.
It’s all useless!

There is beginning to everything
And there shall be an end to all things!
We call it;
Vanity upon vanity!

Written by: Adenugba Temitope Theresa
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson
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I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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