VALECTION: by Okeme Jerome Akpevwe

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Will you sit back at home or make use of your Visa?
Will you probably join them singing Rihanna’s “Under my Umbrella”?
Will it be a time to groove with your new found groom
Or a time to wave your broom?

Who fixed the date?
Was it for the love of thy Country?
What’s in the date
Or was this the change they spoke about?

What will red represent now
Love, danger or blood?
I thought Valentine is meant to wine and dine
Not to weep and die?

What will the day be remembered for, theft?
Who will Cupid shoot its arrow at?
Will it be at the man who flaunts his precious hat
Or at the General himself?

Will Cupid end up knocking out someone’s hat
Or succeed in breaking another’s heart?
Will Greek gifts be given
And the future of the Nation be stolen?

Is History repeating itself?
What will the date be remembered for?
Will the haters love the day
Or will lovers forever hate the day?

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