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Unlocking Hope and Faith and Love

At sweet break of dawn,
I stand before a mirror
To witness the birth of love –
For heaven is pregnant.

When I look at the reflection in the mirror –
Smiling before my naked eyes,
I notice a world of possibilities
Where ugly graves burst forth to life.

…But they remain locked in the inside of men,
Behind steel gates of unbelief,
Hope and Faith and many questions,
Shrouded in “Could it be possible?”

Buried six feet beneath man’s breast,
Hope and Faith and Love wait.
With their right hand men cover their face
From the glory of the morning sun.

I wonder if they eat and breathe and live,
For they appear sleek yet afraid to burst forth the earth.
So I grab a hammer and liberate the spirits –
Locked in the inside of man…

When to pieces the mirror I shatter.

contact the poet: Yakubu Andrew 

POET’S COMMENT: Unless we unlock these three [Hope and Faith and Love] behind the steel gate of our hearts, we would forever live in unbelief that nothing is possible and thereby miss the mark.

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