Read Time:41 Second [Two Beautiful Mumus]
For better or worse was their vow
Said they would never bow
To the gimmicks of the Devil…
It was love on a higher level

It all started very sweet
They glories to the drumbeat
Onward they marched hand in hand
And they settled in conjugal land

Soon their love produced a bundle of joy
It was a pretty baby boy
Alas, these same two that promised “until death…”
Realized suddenly they couldn’t share breathe

Torn apart, each goes ruminating on the sour blunder
They forget that greatest victim is their toddler
His future their animosity would endanger
His innocence taken away, forever
Hmm, if they had wisdom, they would know better

Written by: Ani Jon King
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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