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The men in khaki
Hurl missiles with impunity
To disperse the bemused mob
Whose rights lay slain
On the altar of ruthless power
Dark clouds hang over the city

Thundering threats of doom
Inhabitants agonised
At the imminent calamity
Set to ravage this enclave once more
Women pace and plead for peace
For their unknown crime
Their children die in deprivation
The land is desolate of hope
Bankrupt of salvation
A land of deceased fathers

Are they not deceased
When rather than stand and fight
They cling to cupidity
And let perversion prevail?
Professional praise-singers
Bought with loots from the treasury
Their eyes glued to the nation’s coffers
Their minds set on fraudulent projects

And as we wade through the muddy streams
That now are the hallmarks of the land
They zoom past us in their high-autos
Greeting us with splashes of foul flood

These mindless tyrants
Have hijacked the media
Turning it into an instrument
For the adulation of self
The adoration of falsehood
And the mutilation of truth

But truth is resilient,
Yes, truth is resilient

And so I cackle
You can bully it
Boot it if you wish
But truth is a spirit
No one can kill it
For truth never dies

Written by: Prince Ejike C
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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