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Trust In The Lord

Shall creation query the deeds of God
Shall man doubt the truth of His word?
Did He not place his word above His name?
Does His word not remain ever the same?

Shall the sons and daughters of men
Have reason to say then:
O Lord! You are not faithful or just;
You are not worthy of our trust?

Shall men have cause to boast or grumble?
And be not broken, and humble?
Shall we gather and say to the Lord
You are not worthy to be God?

Did the Lord not say to us
That we are above curse,
That no weapon nor force
Shall prevail over us?

Did He not part before Moses the red sea?
Did not Israel the fall of Jericho see?
Did he not raise men from sick beds?
Did He not rise from the dead?

And while we were yet sinful,
He loved us for He is merciful.
And though we are filthy with sin
His son’s blood He gave for every being

Even, though the heathens rage
And seek to put us in sorrow’s cage,
And we flee before the evil horde,
He’ll save us by the power in his word

Therefore doubt not His power,
Hold on stronger to Him this very hour
For He’s the mighty savior and deliverer
Who reigns forever and ever!