Read Time:54 Second [Tomorrow Is Another Day]
The gentleness of the morning,
The freshness of its breath,
It’s aura so refreshing and reassuring,
Face invisible like death,
Presence as strong as the sun,
…Calling us to be a gentle tempest.
Prove ourselves the world greatest.

You took the day by the horn,
You never allowed a wasted day,
Your spirit torn,
Taking little consideration of play,
You shone like the sun,
Being in perfect form,
You boldly tackled all storms.

You savored the trials,
They were the flavor of the fight,
You embraced trying times,
The prospects, they made bright,
You shone as the sun shines,
Never dying out behind the cloud,
You never allowed the trials have you bound.

You fully delivered your best,
Unturned, you left no stone,
You applied all potentials to ascend the crest,
To destructive criticism you are not prone,
The sun has set,
But your efforts did not pay,
Relax, tomorrow is another day.

Written by: Alozor Michael Ikechukwu
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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