TOMORROW BEGINS TODAY (a poem by Olivia Onyekwena)

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My jeans no longer fit;
Honestly, that's the least of my worries
not like I ever really find perfect pairs anyway.

It's the reminder for another zoom meeting
that keeps me awake at night
listening to sounds that I can't tell apart.

I love my personal space so all these have all been a blur.
Having people shove their faces on my screen,
when an email can also do the trick.

This is our new normal but I cannot say that I will get used to the mask.
I wonder if the sun ever feels like not shinning on some days
but has to just because it has to.

Somedays I can't tell if I am sad or happy
but the routines have a way of keeping me in check.
The rain won't stop falling;
like mother earth,
I'm getting rather choked with all the monotony.

There's all that talk of vaccines and trials
and for the sake of everything right and good,
I hope the world can heal from this.

Maybe the universe needed a pause;
a little break from humans and all their activities.
And we won't need to go back to how things were
but how we want them to be.

I try not to overthink but I won't lie,
some days are better than others.

Like today, I'm calm
there's a smile on my face
and I can even remember the date.

Olivia Onyekwena is a freelance writer with a newfound love for poetry.

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