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I TOLD YOU by Jerry Joel

Read Time:45 Second

I told you
What my mouth couldnt spew
Closely guarded secrets and sins
Of all of yesterday’s meetings
If only you knew how hard it was

I told you
About things only a part of me knew
Things only my left eye saw
And is still sore from what it saw
But I still told you

I told you
About the words they incessantly threw
Words shaped as arrows
From mouths shaped as bows
Though it hurt to remember, I still told you

I told you
Not once, not twice but each day as I grew
About all of my fears
Sometimes with a mixture of ink and tears
Other times with sweat, ink and a tinge of raw fury.

I told you
What no one ever knew
Because there was no one else to tell
And you never did yell
All you ever did was listen and listen and listen.