TIME TO WAKE UP by Abdulbasit Abubakar Wordsmith

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Are all of you dead?
Or are you pretending
Not to hear the sound of the alarm by the side of the bed?
It rings and rings, but your tiredness is unending.

“Give me a moment,
Please let me keep,
My head on my pillow,
I need more sleep.”

But deep down you know,
Sunrise is here,
The night has passed,
The alarm you can hear.

The clock persists,
It’s time to rise,
To stay in bed,
Would be very unwise.

Time waits for no one,
The moments tick away,
You must get up,
And face the new day.

What will it bring?
Frustration or pleasure?
Good times or bad?
Heartache or treasure?

Only one way to find out,
Get out of your bed,
Get, washed, get dressed, and face the new day,
Make the most of the hours that lie ahead.

Someone is waiting,
To meet you out there,
You can be a friend to them,
Show them you care.

And you will be glad,
You got out of bed,
The alarm was right,
To wake your sleepy head!

Nigerian Poetry – TIME TO WAKE UP by Abdulbasit Abubakar Wordsmith

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