TIME by Akintunde Daniel

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Time evolved and somehow things evolve
Time is a woman and is like a two-sided coin
She spins with speed and it pays, but sometimes
You groan cos of your pace
Time comes with grace but somehow she changes your face
The landscapes cry at the journey of time
But the stars smile when the light goes off in the trail of time
Time gives wisdom at her departure but leaves the strong with weak bodies
She gives strength to the young and grace to their growing bodies
Time made rocks Crack and also ensures creation doesn’t lack
Men have wished her nakedness and basked in the fantasy of
Lingering on her bosom in her court on the coolest of nights
Kings and princes have sought to consummate with her in matrimony
and to taste of the elixir of her lips, so have the Knights.
Sometimes like many men I find myself lusting after her perky bosom
And the soft mounds of her bottom.
But how she drifts away from reach, I just can’t fathom.

TIME by Akintunde Daniel..

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