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Here I stand waiting to learn
So, I learnt that
Life is an empty tale
When the soul is asleep and dead
And things are no longer what we know
If life is true and sincere
The grave is not its end
As we know, from dust it came
And so it shall return; but
Is not the body
That lives till evermore
But the soul

Life, whether enjoyed
Or grief-filled ends with the earth
And it seems to detect our end
But the act that’d fetch us tomorrow
Gets us farther than today
Every minute that passes
Shows our days are numbered
For the sun doesn’t wait for those still asleep
Still unprepared
Or gone to their farms

Just like the dancers know their tune
Funeral matches to the grave
And before you know
It’d be too late
To resolve any issues with your life
And your soul will be there to question
Every last penny of your worth

Trust no future
Don’t say there is tomorrow
Let today be the day that’d fetch your eternity
And comfort your soul from the handy life lived
Righteousness is the key to heaven
Look into the time and know it’s getting darker
And you will soon retire to bed
Where you shall return no more

Lives of the great men show that
We can make hail while the sun shines
Let us, then, be up doing
Let’s, we would labour without any pay…

Written by: Nkwor Tochukwu
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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