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Your social life will steadily grind to a halt
No more outings, no more clubbing
No more constant sitting out with the gang
You will have to leave the party earlier
To return home and to her waiting arms…
That is the reason why you shouldn’t get married
But that is the reason why you should…
The outings and clubbing will do you no good
Late nights will only blow you ill wind
Nightly to her side do you belong
To re-enact the pact of your union.

You will cease to be the ladies’ man
You will gradually drop off their searching scope
Lesser invitations to unusual and wild parties
Some friends will suddenly become acquaintances
You will become more of a home man…
That is the reason why you shouldn’t get marriedBut that is the reason why you should…
Too much ladies around will run you down
Your future’s seed lies with her
Constantly she needs you at home
To plant and harvest your future’s crown with love.

Your home will lose it’s serenity
You will have her solely to yourself no more
And incur greater expenses
You might end up toiling all alone
For proceeds not meant for you alone…
That is the reason why you shouldn’t get married
But that is the reason why you should…
For the voices of children will invite goodies to your home
And they need more of her to be their ever getting better selves
Resources exhausted on children are never wasted
In future you will reap greater dividends.

Marriage will drag you off the street
But what good is there for you on the street?
Marriage will give her sole claim over you
But why should you belong to all and none?
Marriage will make your shoulder heavier
But more responsibilities makes you a better man
Marriage can be scary and burdensome
But it is the best thing that can happen to you
Your spouse who is your better half
Will bring you fulfillment and completion
Together your future is glory-filled.

Written by: Alozor Michael Ikechukwu

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