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Like they used to say
Change is the only constant thing in life
Am getting to believe it now
No lies, no strife

I have been a warrior in this Field
Commanded kings to follow my bid
Like Nigerian politicians, I ruled with greed
Forcing them to concede and yield

My lyrical sword is one that glows
And as such I stand and pose
On the know that none can oppose
Call me the man! The Bellicose
I remember turning down kingdoms with rhymes
Joying and jubilating in my succeeding times
Days we shared our spoils, a bag of rice to Mr. Ken
Some to me, the rest to Ben

The day I killed sage Konami is one I’ll never forget
The Raplord of Miami, the very elect
How I defeated him in the eyes of all
Painting him white and black. Aye! On the wall

Now what am I feeling, a feeling of remorse-pity
To enter with cloaks, even in my own city
Looking at myself – a dreadful sight
As always I’ve disappeared from their attacks with my incompressible might

Written by: Ikirigo Sokari Jeremiah

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I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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