Read Time:48 Second [The Masses’ Cry]
Our political leaders, our dictators
How can they feel our pain when their children live outside the nation.
So many deceitful vows they made to us
making us believe they are one of us.

They want power to continue in their lineage,
Using all allocations to build their personal College.
They vowed to fulfil all promises they make
not knowing they only have eyes on the national cake.

They made us believe we’re practising ‘DEMOCRACY’
But now it’s clear to us, it just gets ‘DE MORE CRAZY’

Again I say, oh Lord, let their days be numbered,
so there will be an end to all we’ve suffered.

Written by: Ericson Nosa
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson
#WRRPoetry #Politics #Corruption #Nigeria