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Once a MadMan diid camp iin the square
under the shade of the biig grey statue,
he greeted every passerby only few diid reply hiim
and he hum to hiimself as he watched hiis diinner steamiing.

Every now and then he’d break iinto a viiolent fiit of cough,
then a siiniister smiile wiill cross hiis face liike a Hyena who just had diinner
and so he hum to hiimself as he ate hiis diinner away.

Down came the pleddler to set hiis stall iin the square
up jumped the MadMan and grab hiis wares iin glee
then thanked hiis gods for hiis miighty biig luck
and hum to hiimself as he liit a piipe

Down came the Cops iin a biig black van
down came the nurses, one two and three,
but the MadMan up he jumped and started to flee
and a biig mess he made when he fell and smashed hiis head

But iif you walk around the square
you’ll hear a funny old tune
of a biig MadMan,
who stole a lot of Wares.

Written by: Eldee Baba

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I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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