THE LOVER’S PRAYER by Joshua Levites

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Hallowed be your name, Princess
Thy kingdom has come unto me,
My eyes have seen the gospel of your beauteousness.
The intensity of your awesomeness
Implodes every bit of ego I possess,
Your effortless, sparkling smile brings out the baby in me, I must confess

So much that I forever betray me to comply with your loving duress.
Whoever accuses me of foolery should come and witness
How magically admirable you are, your beauty is flawless.
Whoever accusses me of foolery must be too blind to behold your realness.
They would never see you the way I do, your highness
And as for me and my whole, we’ll forever worship your goodness.

Lead me not into temptation.
But deliver me from the evil of dying by too much of you.

Give me this day things I long for, everlasting duchess:

My eyes have truly seen the good news of your beauty,
Let my mouth also taste the goodness of your lips.
That your smiles would be my every morning joy, till eternity
The movement of your gigantic buttocks would scare my demons away.
That your mighty Mellons would be my favourite fruit, nourishing my body and soul.
That I would be at liberty to hide in your most secret place, most high.
That I may come between your thighs, and have rest.
May I abide under your shadow, Almighty.

For thine is thy kingdom, beauty and even my life,
Forever and ever

THE LOVER’S PRAYER by Joshua Levites

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