Read Time:49 Second [The Greatness Story]
Metamorphosing to greatness
On a wheel of determination
Persistence and ambition
Potentials glowing within me
Lows tho’ I encountered
And my efforts countered
Discouragement surfaced
Pavement after pavement
But with mindset on apex
Never did I consent

Good relationships I sought
As no rise is in isolation
Sacrificially sowing seeds
Gently taking out weeds
Tendering personality to serve
For a latter purpose of being served
Enduring criticism without resentment
Optimistic but realistic
Tho human but being humane

Acknowledging the past
Learning from its blunders
Looking unto the future
Earnestly seeking its goodness
And yet living the present
With huge assurances
That my steps be made majestic
And my adulation sung
That being an emblem of greatness
Greatness achieved thro ceaselessness

Written by: Okikijesu Temitayor Adebiyi
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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