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Mother said you went on a journey,
A journey to a far country,
With promise to bring me strawberry,
But I made request for a blackberry,
Because I intend to start browsing,
Now I have to wait all morning,
Just to see you when you will be home coming.

Today Emeka is my half brother,
Because you went to marry across the border,
Not minding if our mother will bother,
Or us wonder if you still love her,
But you believe you are a dictator,
And so what ever your desire,
Must be our compliance.

Now you are old and retired,
And our mothers are living as the tyrants,
But Emeka and I are more familiar,
Not because we are known as brothers,
But because we choose not to bother,
And today we live as the brothers,
From two different mothers.

Emeka is now a wine tapper,
As my belly is now his wine store house.
Mama Chioma pays for every wine supplied,
While my money gave me every wine consumed,
Emeka is now a house owner,
Mama Chioma and I are his store keeper,
And now the life we have laugh at us,
Because we choose to be dumb all along.

It was in Mama Chioma’s bar I met her,
I went to take my local drink as usual,
And the (palm)wine I drank beautified her,
Now I am hooked up to her forever.

I am married to a lady who is a stranger to my past,
And my home has become a strange land,
But I choose to live in a safe land,
Which I have found in mama chioma’s drinking bar,
Her cup of wine is now my sweetheart,
I pray I see father on my way tomorrow,
Because this journey he started yesterday is now a shipwreck,
And my future is now in distress.

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