Read Time:2 Minute, 32 Second [The Earth Is Pregnant]

Odomankoma, creator of the universe
Your wisdom espoused the Earth and the spirits
Chief ghosts of our ancestors
Why do fishes thirst in travelling rivers?
Why Ankobra and Bosomtwe, do you not quench out thirsts?
We are disgruntled tongues; send down drops to make us an ocean

Your daughter, Asase Ya, blessed woman of fertility
Now adopts our kids into her belly of sterility
Nyankopon, the groom of eternity
Order thy wife, Asase Yaa to sow in our soils when

August feed us with rains
Making your Earth pregnant again

We can rebirth the war victims and reclaim our lost future from the Emotia
Sing in the voice of Osibisa and dance to the rhythm of the Fontomfrom
So we can see the Africa that sits in the eyes of Osagyefo
Osagyefo, the weeping ghost cries no longer
When the Earth delivers, we shall borrow your eye balls
And keep dreaming Africa

Oh Ori!
Why deprive your children of their ‘ayanmo’?
Making this our destiny shy
He who has power over Orunmila
Make this cease…
Lands fighting lands
Hands raised against legs
Streams arguing with rivers
Receivers commanding givers
Bushes measuring height with forests
Wars stealing souls, leaving hunger for the rest

Ola, kid of the Earth
Sits on the seat of death
Clothed in smallpox and measles
Ah!! Sapona, to you we sing our dirge. Have mercy!
The Earth walks with protruded belly
Fraught with victims of the plague that stole our honour.
Obatala , creator of humans,light and purity
Why slumber? Wake up and speak to the Earth
That she will cease drinking blood and birth our lost brethren

Mandiba crying for the spirit of Ubudu
Soyinka mourning the soul of Awoonor
Have we failed to satisfy you, gods of Africa?
Or need we pour down our bloods as Libation?
No! By the powers of Ori, I command
Yemaja, plant children in the womb of the Earth
Ogun, retire and make way for Peace
Ayao breathe onto the lands, the Africa of our Ancestors
Unkulunkulu, on your shoulders we rest our burdens
Deliver our pregnant Earth!

*Based on African Mythology

Ghana Odomankoma-creator of the universe 
Ankobra- a respectable River 
Bosomtwe- largest man-made lake in west Africa,

Ashanti kingdom of Ghana 
Asase Ya- Mother Earth 
Nyankopon- God, believed to be husband to the Earth 
Emotia- Dwarfs,spirit humans in the sacred forests 
Fontomfrom-a big ancestral drum in the Akans clan 
Osibisa- very popular music band from Ghana, that travelled across the globe in the 1980’s 
Osagyefo- a title for Dr.Kwame Nkrumah, means the Redeemer.

Ori- god of the universe, who destines all humans 
Kadar- destiny 
Ayanma- Choices 
Orunmila-god of the destiny of man 
Sapona- goddess of small pox 
Obatala- creator of human bodies, purity and light 
Yemaja- goddess for fertility and women 
Ogun- god of iron and war Ayao- god of air

Written by: Oppong Clifford Benjamin
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson


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