THE DAY TOMORROW by Saidu Mark Jatau

Read Time:58 Second

As I sat on my balcony
I watched with admiration as
the sun fades into cloud,
And darkness slowly crept in,
but in a haste.
I watched the beauty of the
evening slowly turning into
darkness, as the sky made way
for the stars to light.
I stared at silence and ponder of tomorrow.
That tomorrow much
anticipated by all and never
witnessed by any.
That nomenclature that breeds
hope in man to be strong again
and faith to those whose desires are hanging.
That tomorrow only seen in a
state of mind today,
But like ‘godot’, never came at
all to stay!

It is already morning but the
evening has come again,
And the sun is faded only to
rise again,
The stars are bright up in the
sky and the day is sunny and hot again,
As we hoped and plan for tomorrow today,
For every tomorrow is a day we
live today.
Yesterday was a fault of herself
to blame,
But today is the day we see and
live again.
Tomorrow promises to be great for all, we say!
But this tomorrow shall always
only live in our dreams to grave.