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Meseems the street looks deserted today!
Quotha! And what do I see?
A young boy? Younger than the rest?
Oh! They were just like him

Good day your holiness
Shalom my boy
How art thou?
I am fine sir
What ye seeketh?
The road to guidance
Oh! Just like the rest

Hither where I sit
I have guided the ways of many
I have shown them the path
Go thither
Follow the footpath, take the bend
The road you seeketh

The bend?
Aye, my boy
But the signpost says straight
Yes, your holiness
I have been hither all the time
Still, I have been on this siege like a statue

The signpost doesn’t look new sir
Nay, it was mounted the days of yore
But it shows straight
Wellaway! I never read it

Let me show you the way your holiness
Mine back is bent
Soothly, I can barely stand
I’ll give you the support you require
Let’s go yonder,the road to guidance
We all seeketh

Written by: Abdulrasheed Dawodu
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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