Read Time:1 Minute, 6 Second [The Business Men]
Born into a world of misery – joy in sadness
Bought by one man – peace in madness
Initiated into His company guaranteed newness

Chasing after shadows was work for me to do
Together on the aisle between my ‘Pukkus’ too
In the smoke of the morning, all was after all ‘boo’!

Then I heard my name in the cool of the day
Astonished, I grew cold – but it was in May
Of course I knew it wasn’t just a man, I could view the ray

Alas! Both callers had goods laid in the way
One, an offer to become cloud, the other, to return to clay
On hearing that, fear gripped my heart – utmost dismay!

Perplexed, dilemma, it dawned…I had one to follow
I don’t know what comes with tomorrow
Who can save me, guarantee I end not in the gallows

So in anticipation I followed the businessman who had ‘cloud’ to offer
Blessed beyond doubt, my recent past didn’t matter
I was made ‘white’ by the gushing red water

Ah, at last will I attain my goal
Where worshiping the businessman is my only role
Never to be scared of ending in a hole

Written by: Ayomide Festus
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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