THE BUHARI OF MY DREAM by Izuchukwu Okafor

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The BUHARI of my dream-
The one who finally silenced Boko-Haram and brought to an end all the terrorist bombing that gave me sleepless night.

The BUHARI of my dream-
who moved towards recovering the abused, distraught, #ChibokGirls . And intervened towards the #BringBackOurGirls movement

The BUHARI of my dream-

that gave the #NigerianChild a hope for the future.

The BUHARI of my dream-
that improved our labour market and provided means by which the graduated #NigerianYouth could be engaged in and not tempted towards #419er
drug trafficking and abuse.

The BUHARI of my dream-
that would invest in our Nigerian Schools so that the many Nigerians that cannot travel abroad for education would be so proud of the quality of impact they derive from our Primary, Secondary, and University teachers.

The BUHARI of my dream-
Who would improve the state of our energy generation AND distribution companies, the NEPAs, the PHCNs, the EEDCs, the BEDCs and the rest of them all so that foreign investment can be more effective in my state and country.

The BUHARI of my dream-
Who reintroduce discipline into our nation system.

The BUHARI of my dream-
Who is passionate about improving the state of the disheartened Nigerian youth.

But then I realized that The BUHARI of my dream was just a man after all, and as a man all I think or fancifully dream might not be his agenda, maybe he has an agenda much more worthier than my childish daydreams.

Maybe because he was much more older he had more supposed wiser plan compared to my foolish imaginations.

It seems like am having a nightmare, if that’s so please somebody wake me up.

Am I too naive to deserve better from my leaders.

Am I blind so as to ask for quality education.

Am I undisciplined to expect more from my government.

Though I never asked for a university professor president, or a military spokesman,

I want a president who can just understand me I don’t care if he has an WASSCE or Bachelor Degree, or Master’s Degree or Honorary Degree.

Just understand my plight.

Until I understood that I and only I can contribute positively to my country.

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