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Read Time:52 Second [The Beautiful Monster]
Like the morning sun, her beauty rises
Day by day it grows, like the grasses
A beauty that causes a lot of crises
Beyond it is what no eyes can see!

Young and old gaze at her with passion
The rich wish to possess her in their mansions
For the poor, just seeing her eradicates hunger
But woe to the one she calls her lover!

Numerous hearts has she broken
Those who slept on her laps cannot be woken
She has become the talk of the town
Who will be the next to go down?

With her smiles her face glows
But deep within, her heart is closed
Brutal, bitter and full of betrayal
She wishes to witness another burial!

Wickedness she made her favourite garment
Her pretty lips nag every moment
Her beauty has not made her a star
… She only made herself a monster!


Written by: Okeme Jerome Akpevwe Rykardo
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson