Read Time:46 Second [The Aftermath]
The hips vibrate and hands clap
As the legs clasp and unclasp
To sweetened rhythms, sung
On this day of extravagance.

Hands wow even the Sky
Heads joggle in style
As drums strike,
Out a rhythm for singing thighs

Gallivanting in the ‘merrimental’ atmosphere of wedlock,
Churning and miming chords of words
Infectiously, in a stream of laughter,
What a way to go for….

How nice, all if these lasts long
And marvelous offspring spring forth
From clapping lips to smooching tongues
To fusing laps in fun tour!

If you ask me
Why the sudden spitted milk
Huh! What do I see?
Tales of the dark lonely nights!

As individual differences mar
The once-upon-a-time fitting hats;
Nodding skulls, smiling faces, go mashed,
Leaving scars on feeble hearts!

Written by: Bankole Kolawole
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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