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THE AFRICAN WOMAN by Samuel Amazing Ayoade

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Epitome of virtue I see,
Building a house of fortune icy,
Foundation of moderacy and modesty.
Even without amnesty,
The African woman remains loyal.

Her blackness lightens the darkness,
For it shines even in darkness.
There is power in her eyes,
For it sparks and breaks ice.
Oh! How can you beat that?

Her knees and the ground are so close.
Her pleas please the gods, anger to lose.
Even, when ‘things fall apart,’
Yes, when the ‘gods are dead,’
The African woman turns to the God.

Oh world, who discriminates her beaut’s stun!
Didn’t your mom tell you not to hold guns?
Why against my afrique queen you hold such grudge?
Inspite of your conspiracies,
The Women of Africa are from loyal races.

Nigerian Poetry – THE AFRICAN WOMAN by Samuel Amazing Ayoade