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Read Time:1 Minute, 22 Second [Taxi To]

I might as well be
Taking a ride to hell tomorrow
Though I’d rather be
Sleeping to rise no more tonight
That’d be
Better than boarding that taxi
To destination squashed dreams

Debilitated by drenched dreams
Counting down the hours
To a dawn of a new day
Holding on by a jaded string to life
One intelligible push
And I’m kicking this bucket

Jaws of life
Rip me open and set free
This great potential trapped
In the gist of this psyche
While I wrestle my way
Past death’s fleeting shadow

It won’t be long now
I promise you this
Just bear with me
We’ll get there now
Oh now!

On Shanks’s pony,
I’ll keep on treading slowly
‘Til I find my way past this labyrinth
There’ll be smiles that day
Pinch me, I might be dreaming
Don’t wake me though
‘cos I might as well be sleeping

Now, hear, here, as we
Embark on that journey of valour
This isn’t the time to be Namby-bamby
Little warrior, toughen up
For mama never says die
If it isn’t sooner it might as well be later
But it doesn’t matter if we are there together
It’ll be worth the wait
The journey and the separation

With you in my mind
I had to turn my back
With you in my mind
I had to forget and live a lie

But boy it’s still just a fleeting shadow
Where it ends
There we meet
But now I hope you understand

Written by: Zanele Tyutula
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson