Read Time:1 Minute, 7 Second [Taxi Driver]
Taxi driver
Killing the Naira
Over and over again
Draining its value with every mistreat
Crushing it against the Dollar

Taxi driver
See your fame rising in time
From one nook or crevice
To another cranny or rustic niche
Squirmy screech of your wheels gets louder

Taxi driver
Picking and dropping off
From one stop to another
Endless faces and eyes memorize yours
But you hardly know even one

Taxi driver
See how times have flown
You now see your wrinkles and grey
Cast upon the same old mirror
That knows you were much younger yesterday

Taxi driver
Why not buy a wallet today
And save the life of the Naira?
Don’t just alight gentlemen and ladies on spots
Also give them minty changes

Taxi driver
Don’t just settle for urban crannies
Let the street lights of civilization
Pour upon your cab at night
That you may not bother about headlamps

Taxi driver
Wait not until your head falls off
Before you know you are ageing
Stitch now in time and save your morrow’s nine
For even those with white collars retire too

Written by: Anyi Charles Egbe
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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