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Body deteriorates at your coming
Your victims you tame
None has ever loved you
None has ever invited you
You saunter where demons fear to tread
You cannot be stitched with threads
For you’re as big as mount Everest
None can have you and rest!

Your slaps are resounding,
Old and young go crying, reeling
Under your intense power
You have no mercy
Not for the arrogant nor the lowly
Rich or poor
Your strikes are surgical
Giant goes weak at your touch

I would go miles to know you
But you won’t show yourself
S I feel you in stomach, head, tooth…
Friendly, you are not
Lets be together, you cannot
I wonder why you were created
Why were you made?
A terror in aerated bodies

Scientist fight but conquer not
They try to apprehend you
Using pills in many names
But they can’t, never
Because you are a die-hard beast
Small as a mosquito
Stinging like bee
Vicious as the tornado

You are a bed of thorns
Ironed with names and description
You travel far and wide
A terror to a black and white
You are guilty of genocide
So you ought to rot in jail

Tamer of all…

Written by: Paul Ndukwo
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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