TAKE ACTION by Mayor Jake

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Listen friend,

Get your butt on the seat.
Let me tell you how to creep and how to keep.
Let me show you how to jump those bars
And how to make use of your compass in life.
Then you will stir through it once and for all.

You can never be good enough,
To see your best escaping it’s nest.
There are talents,
Wasted. But you can go on, relentless.
An effort is never enough because
A tough life can never satisfy you.

Time itself is too short for life itself.
Lack of time can never come except you
Don’t want to tell the truth.
It won’t come a dime. Create time
Out of no time until you have more than enough time,
And until time itself is having nothing left.

Money isn’t an essential element you should
Worry about.
Why not hold to your vision and mission?
Dispose that monetary thought
And put on those dreams you bought.
Never dream on your dreams. Achieve!

No one is perfect!
You needn’t be stateless
Before you get your highness.
Give to others what you can receive.
Never collect from others whatever you give.
Learn on the paths of others till you pass.

Slow and steady wins the race. Yes!
But it’s nothing to think about.
Reach the apex of your potentials.
Drink from your cup till you meet the initials.
Do not be proudly lazy. Work and
Learn softly with your brain (not with your mouth).

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Mayor Jake

I'm a full time writer of distinct genres of literature.
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By Mayor Jake

I'm a full time writer of distinct genres of literature.

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