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We still remember you:
The Shepherd of our time,
The ‘fun’ of our time,
The mentor of still now,
The tutor of our time,
We won’t forget you.
We still remember you.

The man that started with chalk,
True men were known by chalks.
You didn’t stop there,
You went for a marker.
True tutor that sacrificed,
Equip the young,
You wished us better life,
You insisted we learn,
You knew what the world
Was like.

Without education, No value.
With value then education.
You are the one, we still owe.
We still remember you.

You taught calculus,
As if you’re calculator.
You differentiated,
As you’re different.
You integrated,
As you’re intellectual.
And we connected,
Cos you connected.

We still remember you.
You defined a tutor
One who don’t quit
One who makes the average, good
The dull, good.
You don’t buy I CAN’T
You were more comfortable with I CAN
You took us as a projects
And now you are an INVENTOR

I had always though of your status.
When will you marry?
or as it will tarry?
You acted like Terry,
You defended obstacles,
And you’re married.
Keep sailing through.

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