SONG OF A VIRGIN by Lebile Melt Tosin

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the first time I laid my eyes on you
you are like a treasure buried in my desert
I wish I felt butterfly in my tommy
but instead your rose of sunlight romance my face
your smile captivate my world
until I remembered the word of maami
that the handsome and sugar-coated are like viper
I trace my step home
not to follow beauty to grave
I saw snakes, eagles and lioness
romancing your fur
trading their venom and claw for love
even adelebo (married) trade their breast
for you to suck and be filled
oh your world grip me
I’m lost with my atlas missing
let darkness rule the day
to deprive me of your face
because with smile, you are an assassin
with words you are a wizard
I deny and abuse you in public
yet at night I cried for your love
my secret diary speak how romantic you are
my dream rest on how you tattoo my lips with kiss
oh! I can’t deny my heart again
I jump into the shallow black sea
I pray your hand would guide me to your island
I pray your love would swim along
as I present my fragile heart on the platter of gold
for you to make me a woman
break me into pieces

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