Read Time:49 Second [Song For The Soul]
A sudden crack of the flesh
an electrifying happiness
a seeming world of light
a planet of darkness
a visceral cry
a new born baby.

But alas!
Earth will fail
virtue will fall
future will crumble
suns will droop
life will plunge.

streets are hells
homes are dens
trees are snakes
sands are thorns
rains are nails.

brothers are tyrants
sisters are Jezebels
kings are Hitler
pontiffs jerk for silvers
markets are churched.

science will doom
arts are mirrors
empires are Sahara-ed
hope is:
sleeping on a nuclear mat.

Say to it:
peoples are shadows
roads are flashes,
and this big fast life
will pass like a shout
across a bridge.

Written by: Olajide Michael
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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