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SO I FALL NO MORE by Stanley Egeonu

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Like the Babylonian war
Burning flame and a fallen wall
Piercing arrows through the heart
My bloodstream rolls like a flowing Euphrates

Her color is an almond covered with its skin
A shade of brown, clumsy eyes and lids a pin
Flowing hair and a curve lip
Tiny waist and a broad hip
Beauty and a resting beast beneath

But I never knew
I never knew love is as sweet as honey but stings like a bee
A fading rays of light “love”
My rose a withered shrub

As a trap it caught my flanks
Snare and scourge and a thorn in my eyes
Wrecks and perishes off the good grounds I have for thee

Love wrench like a dried ocean
A bitter pill to emotion
Pisses the soul and left hate intact
So I fall no more….

SO I FALL NO MORE by Stanley Egeonu