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Woman, she knows:
She knows that
The eye of heaven is a borrowed
Flare, that will fizzle out as soon
As gleam meets murk and
Ushers in the moonlight that will
Assuage her ’till the next day
Break, but…

Woman she knows:
She knows that
Her hands should hasten in
Storing up for the next hour of
Her heart steadfast ‘cos she may
Not allow her eye to err and shed
A tear for the world to see

Woman, you’d think she knew:
You’d think she has had a
Foresight of that day on a date
With destiny
How she strides with pride as if
Yesterday has never been

Woman she knows;
But does she
Know that her tender gaze
Before even a sound escapes her
Lips, has oozed confidence on the
Doleful face of that crestfallen

Woman she knows:
She knows, but
Does she know how her #rage has
Become a crypt
Especially for the faulty ones
Who wear out their blunder on a
Sleeve for the world to see?

Does she know:
How her
Belligerence smoulders the
Forthcoming potentates?

Woman she knows
She knows,
But does she know?

Written by: Zanele Tyutula
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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