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www.facebook,com/WRRPoetry [Second To God]
She gave me the best security
For nine months of uncertainty
And brought me up with purity
Beautified me with her noble beauty

She is my only joy, my pride
And I’m secure whenever I’m at her side
If I could in her womb again reside
There I would from the world happily hide

She is mortal living in sainthood
That woman from I first tasted food
She it is that willingly takes blame
That I might live to my noble name

In the hard and trying times
She would go more than million miles
To carve into my face a smile
That would last more than a while

Search east, north, south and west
She is the best, first and greatest
I wish for nothing more, she has it all
Virtuous woman, mother of all

I can’t your goodness repay
Even if I whisper ‘thanks’ everyday
So all I can do is to pray
That you find joy everyday

Mama, I will never forget you
No matter what I go through
Mother, I will always care for you
Yes, I will always love you

O God, I beseech thee
Bless my mother for me
Strengthen her more than the waves of the sea
For she is the world and to me

Written by: Clement Virginpoet
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson