Read Time:53 Second [Second Chance]
I remember sleeping with my eyes closed
My mind blank, off I dose.

Suddenly I arose
In a place strangely unfamiliar

I saw a light shining like the sun at night
I drew close

But this was no light;
I beheld fire,
In it were liars,
I saw rappers and musicians,
Burning in eternal torment,
Clamoring for warmth
In the scorching flame

I saw waterfalls of tears,
Not from rocks but eyes.
I move closer.
Their pain, nothing can alleviate,
For now it’s too late.
I saw I was headed for pain
Cause I lack what they lacked

Now it is my turn
To be thrown in, to burn.

His words I ignored.
Now it is my turn.

I was lifted
By the shoulder and hurled.
I did not land in flame!
But on my bed
That instant I knew
I have gotten a second chance.
To burn or not to burn

Written by: Kehinde Fatai
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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