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ROSA by Stanley Egeonu

Read Time:39 Second

Rose from shrub of Genus
Wrought by Venus
Alluring Rosa
Worth basketful of pizza

Rosa your smile is an ocean
Curves hypes emotion
Where sepals and petals goes
Your wit and perfume connotes

Rosa patient endureth in you
Pride you besiege from youth
Peace through conception
And innocence in perception

Like the fountain you sprung
Your beauty and step, porch
A crafty art on surface
With flowing hairs and soft face

Rosy love has captured my soul
My heart, my thought all gone
With speed your strength rock n roll
Faster than bullet in my short gun

Rosa a fabric of womanhood
Vibrant and bright flaunting mood
You are psychology I study
Pretest, postest a case study

ROSA by Stanley Egeonu