REST IN PIECES (RIP) by Sunsampaul Egwu

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To those devilish sadist,
Who’ve made evil their habits,
Tormenting the innocents,
Persecuting us in resilience,
They’re all bunch of aliens.

To all evil perpetrators,
Who came as terminators,
Terminating lives,
Truncating destinies,
Torturing souls,
Puncturing dreams,
They’re all bunch of sinners.

To those heartless Assassins,
Who kill, thinking it’s not a sin.
Today I’ve seen,
That they are bunch of bins,
Who use a swords and thrust,
Pull out guns and shoot,
Drew arrows and fire.
Just to please their selfish desire.
They’re all bunch of killers.

To those witches and wizards,
Who perform witchcraft
Claiming they’ve a craft,
Flying tiredly at night,
Taking lives as if it’s their right,
They’re all bunch of devil’s knight,

To those foes,
Who taught they have wisdom,
Yet deny us our freedom,
Refusing the day to shine on us,
Craving jealousy in their mind,
Pestering the day light out of us,
Just coz we’re far better than them,
They’re all bunch of Sahara fools.

To those heartless politicians,
Who only take politics as a game,
Wasting souls to have fame,
Splitting bodies so they can reign,
Sucking blood with swords and guns again.
All these they do, thinking they’ve gain
They’re all miscreants in disguise.

To those men of the underworld,
Who desire to claim to the world,
Forgetting there’s power in the word.
Pounding babies for rituals,
Wishing to taste honey
While we exchanging ladies’ breast for blood money,
Plucking out men’s penis for evil money,
They’re all bunch of devourers.

To those wicked human traffickers
Trafficking our daughters,
Using them to make money,
Ravaging their vagina via sex play,
Torturing them in sex games,
Making them sex toys.
Leaving their lives in shambles,
Many lost their virginity in rambles,
They’re all bunch of destroyers.

To those cult boys and girls in campus,
Who steal sleep out of our eyes in campus,
Feeling very pompous.
Threatening students,
Bordering lecturers,
Tormenting souls,
Polluting environment,
They’re all bunch of rascals

To all of them, I say R.I.P,
Rest In Pieces.
They must all Rest In Pieces,
For the evil they’ve done us,
They need no Peace,
But needed to Rest in Pieces.

REST IN PIECES (RIP) by Sunsampaul Egwu


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