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RESONANCE by Efe Ogufere

Read Time:45 Second
Your eyes wear mascara lines
Open them and free the lashes
Unclad, my emotions lay bare
Calm my athletic pulse
A butterfly sheds its cocoon
No tears wanderlust
Cold winds tell a tale of betrayal
Hasty promises and broken dreams
As I fall head first into indifference
Nature favors the dice, a cruel game
Grow little seed grow, die and then grow
Etched on walls, scribbles of the lovelorn
Tell me you will
Hold me closer still
Each flaw I wear on my sleeve
Window panes mirror her pain
And as sure as the sky is blue
You know that every word is true
I will hold my breath for you
Till sepals stretch and petals yawn
Echo, echo remains
No words, even the wind holds
Desperately I trust to hope
Stay, I will stay…she whispers
RESONANCE by Efe Ogufere