RAIN BOWS AND RAINBOWS by Andrew Ifeatu Jennifer

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Spot by spot
Drop by drop
Drizzle by drizzle
Then a bigger outpour

Stealthily the sun emerges with a smile
As beautiful as the Egyptian’s nile
While it’s stomach is silently engorged with bile
The rain cannot deny that it tried to send him on exile

He hid behind the contours of the earth
Allowed rain have it’s fill
She thought he would travel with death
But he has returned with a vengeance pill

He passes his spectre through her
She resists his attack
He scorches her
While she consumes his heat

He sketches a plan
To cut her lifespan
He traces with a pencil
Wearing his cap of counsel

Shoot! He pierces through her
His reflection immerses in her to form a spectrum
His art produces an arc
The same coloured arc that heralded Noah’s arrival on the ark

Richard of York Gave Battle In Vain
Becomes the sky’s gain
She is no longer plain
The rainbow has taken a lane

Violet sits inside
Red views the earth from outside
Green cuddles blue
A greater wonder than the dew
They won’t let her go, beautiful indigo!
Orange keeps a close range with yellow
As the rainbow greets the earth ‘hello’

RAIN BOWS AND RAINBOWS by Andrew Ifeatu Jennifer

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