RABBI by Prince Nwachukwu

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Rabbi the Great Teacher sent from heaven
We’ve dwelt long enough in our ignorance
Complacent and filled with self
But now like reptiles we crawl to thee
On bended kness and misty eyes
Acknowledging our metalic granite hearts

We’ve dwelt long enough in our ignorance
Strolled away from your omniscience and potent path
With the mindset of presumptiousness and mastery
But failure only crowned the day
Those times we had felt like the Mayor of heaven
Knowing not that on dry land our ship did sail

Don’t leave us forlorn or in despair, O Rabbi
For in you (we have comprehended) lies no other
Teach us to number our days at all times
Saturate all minds with your knowledge
And stamp in ev’ry heart a total yieldedness
So that lips might proclaim your witnesses

RABBI by Prince Nwachukwu

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