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One day when i’ll be ghost world bound
shall my last home be be hallowed ground?
or shall i be feed to the land?

will my name on gold platter glaze?
will my works in younger heart blaze?
or will my life bring puzzled maze?

if i, before my mates should die
will the tears on their faces lie?
will they be sad to say goodbye?

when into the six feet i go
what great impact from me shall flow?
which good deed will i have to show?

what kind of life would i have lived?
Shall it be where barrenness thrived?
what truth of me will they unearth?

If great answers this questions bear,
Wishful thinking won’t get us there
but kindness, goodness will do dear!

One man once died in power seat
People took dancing to the street
The tyrant now under their feet

I want to live while i yet die
In history books and great heart lie
A fulfilled life money can’t buy

Questions questions of existence!

Written by: Adetimilehin VicAdex Inioluwa

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I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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