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Soothing sounds of cymbals
Blessed noise giving deliverance
Glorious shouts of victory
Bringing down every fig tree

Oh, in your presence
I found my true essence
A word; a thousand lessons
To praise you, I have a thousand reasons

The tenderness of your touch
Like the whisper of a dove
The sweetness of your presence
Like mother’s milk in her toddler’s mouth

I will sing of your love
I was lost,though I played tough
Cumbersome and heavy my heart was
Bitter and dirty my heart grew

In my heart deceitful thoughts arose
My painful heart was yearning for vengeance
But his law showed some instance
With love He brought me to repentance

How I watched a king serve his slaves
A God,his creations
Condemned to death
For my sake He died,for my sake He lives

For my sake,all those pains became his onus
The love I get from him I knew not
Without him,what would I have become?
A drop of water, in a ton of oil

I was in an association of bulls with no herds man
Bringing tears tơ the eyes of men
But you have made me a blessing
With my life;teachers are teaching lessons

Yes! My soul was meant to be lost
But it was redeemed at a high cost
Nailed with him tơ the cross was all my shame
In thought of me He rose, yes! To my fame

The king of glory has shown me mercy
Gave me power to make souls wealthy
My givers were church rats
But now He make me sit with kings,eating tart

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  1. Xceptional43 – "I genuinely love to write , things don't look so bad when you put them down in writing" Debbie Ogunjobi Random words come to me, so I let them play on a blank page. On Instagram I am @bekexjj where I snap stories and tell pictures. Elsewhere, I question answers.
    @bekexjj says:

    Reading this “This Is our God” by Hillsong just kept hammering in my head.
    You’ve got a blessed pen. Thank God I stumbled on this. Awesome piece.

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